Fitness for All!!!

Why dumbbell training?

I have really been contemplating what to do for my continuing education credits for my certification through ACE. 

I have really enjoyed doing barre workouts here lately, and thought that might be a fun one to add, but, I sometimes need a workout just for me(guess, I’m being selfish!!)!

Next, I thought about continuing my training in yoga, but really I want to get my 200 hr RYT.  It’s expensive and I wouldn’t get it done before my cec’s are due. So, I will save it maybe for next time and I will have 2 years to complete it!!

So, I have been praying what to do and I think I may have my answer.  ~~~I do leave the option to change my mind-though~~~

I have been wanting to finish my Personal Trainer Certification for-ever!! 

But, then I would hear that negative voice in my head say, “Who would hire you??.You’re not ripped, you carry some extra weight, you are a BAD example!”   

My thoughts this morning were- “I would!!”.  I would want someone to train me that was in shape, but not intimidatingly so,  that I would feel awkward.  Someone that had struggles and understood what I was going through, to lose weight and be healthier!

My fitness philosophy has always been-at least in my classes I hold- that everyone should be able to workout in my classes.  That I should be able to give everyone somewhere to start at and give them adjustments and modifications for their level of fitness!!

I could do the same for Personal Training, maybe even more so! 

The down side??  It is a self guided and timed certification!!  Its all on my shoulders to be accountable!!!  That is SO hard!!! I am going to have to buckle down and study, which is one thing I have a hard time doing!! SITTING STILL!!! 

So, I am requesting prayer for the ability to study and get it done!!

I love when God gives us the answers we are looking for!!!

Watch Where You Throw That Rock!!

For most of my life I have been battling low self-image and feeling bad about myself. 

I also have been battling my biggest foe- my weight

To all of you who are normal weight, naturally thin and even under-weight……….

We get it-We know- There is no surprise- We are over weight and don’t need anyone to remind us!! 

In today’s world we are bombarded with air-brushed beauties and have the “skinny and anorexic looking is beautiful ” shoved down our throats.  We are reminded that it is a SIN if any of these thin ladies in the media gain a pound or two! 

I don’t care at all for Kim Kardashian, but I felt so bad for her during her pregnancy when she gained weight. Also, Jessica Simpson during her first pregnancy!  I feel for you- I know what its like to gain 60 pounds when your pregnant!!  What should be your happiest time is dimmed by the fact that you gained more than the suggested weight. 

But what really got my ire up was a recent article I read online about Joan Rivers.  Joan Rivers has no room to talk. She has had so much work done, she doesn’t even look recognizable to her younger self!   People Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Rocks!  (Thanks Mom!!  I remember hearing that growing up!! I knew I’d use it one day!!!) 

She was on Howard Sterns show and was talking about Lena Dunham.  I don’t really know what Lena has been on as an actress(or her personal life), but I know what she looks like.  Yes, she is heavier than your usual Hollywood starlet.  Yes, she dresses the way she wants-not the way most people feel heavier people should dress(as if you can really hide the fact that you are carrying extra weight with a little extra fabric-HAHAHA)- frumpy, drapey clothes.  Here is the link if you want to read it all.

I think we should aim to lose weight to stay healthy, if you are over weight. You truly are healthier when you are close to your recommended weight. It helps prevent many health conditions and is easier on the body physically.   A negative body image and walking around feeling bad about yourself-does nothing to encourage healthier habits.   

BUT- trying to accept yourself as you are and loving the body you have, will help in that process.  It will make you feel better and more encouraged to take care of yourself!!

You can’t mold a beautiful piece of pottery out of old dried out clay.  It has to be pliable and fresh to make something new.  If you are being beat up by those around you or you are beating yourself up mentally all the time-you are not going to change.  What you think is how you’ll be. 

Perhaps Joan should read  Matthew 7:3-
“Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? ( reference-New American Standard Bible) .  Or one of my favorites I use on my boys-If you point at someone you have 3 fingers and a thumb pointing back at you to point out your sin!  Please know I am not judging Joan, I just think we have to be careful talking about others when we ALL have our imperfections!!

I am not 100% there in loving my body, but I am getting there.  I am realizing I will never be a size 6, never be any taller and always have thick muscular legs. But this is the body God gave me, its His temple and I need to take care of it-Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually!! 

Here are few links to help with Positive Body Image:

Finding Balance

Body Image Movement

Healthy is the New Skinny



Made to Crave-Chapter 2 WOW!!


As I read Chapter 2-”Replacing My Cravings”, today, I was really struck with some reality! 


Lysa TerKurst talks about letting food take the place of God.  That it becomes your friend, your comforter and what rely on.

She asks the question-”Have you been thinking about, craving and arranging your life too much around food?”.

Well, that sums my life up over the past 39 years. : (

 In the past I have been an anorexic, an over eater, a chronic restrictive dieter and an over exerciser.

  So, I basically feel like I have been a Ping-Pong ball my whole life!! 

I have never really found balance. 

I am over-weight right now, so,  I have pinged on the out of control side of the Ping-Pong table.

Do, I rely on food more than God?


There I admitted it…….

Food is my enemy, it tells me if I am good or bad- depending  if I eat good or bad, it tells me who I am and what kind of person I am, it is my boss and it controls me.

NOT any of it……

I know our relationship with food is supposed to look like a scale-

–Obsession with Healthy Eating —-Balance with Food—Out of Control Eating–

I get this, but I have not yet been able to totally put it into practice!!

So, the book made me realize, that I need to CRAVE God more than Food tries to CONTROL me(and me letting it)!!

 It is God, that, should define me, God guides-not controls, I am not good or bad based on what goes inside of me, but by Saved by His blood and being redeemed!! 

I will be checking in later this week to tell you more!!!



Made to Crave Online Bible Study



A few weeks ago, I signed up for the Made to Crave Online Bible study. 

I have lost and gained so much weight over the years, but I have always done it on my own “willpower”.  I don’t really think I have ever really added God into the mix of exercise and watching what goes into my mouth!   

The premise of this study is that we were made to crave God more than ANYTHING else, and that is why God made us with the ability to “crave”.  But throw satan into that mix and well, he does everything he can to throw us off course.  He uses our cravings, lust of our eyes and boasting(all of these when done outside of the will of God). 

He even uses food……. 

 I never connected the physical with the spiritual before. 

What if the junk food cravings really were my soul longing to be in fellowship with God, and I replaced that with food? 

It makes me sad to think I missed out spiritually because I gave in physically.   

I will be posting here and there about this 6 week journey!!  I am looking forward to getting a spiritual kick in the rump, to get me back on track!!!!

Here’s The Plan!!!!

 I am the type of person who usually flies by the seat of my pants! 

Every day has to be different and I like doing something different everyday. 

Rarely will you ever take one of my classes and it be the mirror image of last weeks!!! 

I have a basic outline, but always kind of go with flow of who is in my classes.

I do the same with my everyday life as well!!!

I would go nutso in a job that included a cubical!!!


I do like to have a plan when it comes to watching what I eat and how I exercise.  Strange….I am quite contradictory!! 

So, here is the plan:

1. To Eat clean 80 % of the time and allow myself a treat or two a week.  I like Saturdays or a special night out with the hubs and have a sinful dessert!!!

2. Drink MORE water.  “But….I LOVE Diet Coke and Coffee…Yes, but water is the best!!!  Ok..”(my inner dialogue).

3. Eat more veggies and fruit-have some at every meal.  I am trying for at least half my plate being fruit or veggies!!!

4.I really want to cut down on my starch/carb intake-2-3 times a day instead of at every meal.  And NO white stuff(flour, sugar-added, etc).

5. Eat protein at every meal-yes every meal!!

6. I am switching up my exercise routine!! I am lifting whole body 3x’s a week and doing cardio on the opposite days.  I like cardio, but I LOVE to lift weights and could do it everyday!  But in order to burn fat, I need to get my butt moving!!!  Which leads to #6…..

7. I want to do two or three 5k’s this year and RUN THE WHOLE DARN THING!!!! 


All this being said, I have some specific goals-

I want to be able to get comfortably into my smaller jeans.

I want to buy those cute running shorts and not feel embarrassed to wear them.

I want this funky fat roll-ly thingy around my ribs to be gone!!

Mostly I want to be able to love myself and to stop the inner self-destructive talk.  I wouldn’t dare talk to one of my friends that way!!!


New Year-New Goals!!!

I have decided enough is enough!!! 

I have had it with my weight and my body!!

My OB/Gyn doctor finally put me back on my thyroid medicine!! Thank the good Lord!!

But ever since my endocrinologist took me off my thyroid meds(a loooong story!!) in April, I have had absolutely no energy and felt generally like crap (like 7 months worth of the flu).

And I have gained about 15-20lbs.  

(I don’t really weigh myself because I tend to obsess about the number on the scale-but I will step on it soon to have a starting place)

Whewww!! That was hard to admit!!

I know I have not eaten the best and I really need to clean up my diet.

So, the day of reckoning has come!!

I am going to follow a plan that I have done in the past…..

Which is essentially eating “clean“-meaning if it had a momma, grew in the ground or in a tree, isn’t processed or has ingredients you can’t pronounce or recognize then you can eat it.  With in reason( just think, sugar was grown in the ground-sugar cane-but over all, its not that good for you and has been proven to be highly addictive), you can have things that fall in these categories!!

You eat some type of protein, fruit or vegetable at every meal. Some starch/grains/bread for 3-4 servings a day.  Add in some good fats(2-3 servings) and you are set!!

The biggest part of my plan is to cut out junk food except for 1 or 2 treats a week. I really like the idea of 80/20 rule- 80% of your meals are healthy and 20% are treats!!! 

I have a tendency to get too restrictive or on the flip side, of plowing elbow deep in junk food, so my biggest goal out of all of this is to find moderation and follow that 80/20 rule!!

But, just know that, this is my plan of attack and everyone has to do what works for them and what their doctor suggests!!

More of my plan to come!!!!


Spinettis Gaming Supplies :: Buttons / Cut Cards

I have been gone waaaaay toooo looonnngg!!!!!

Life got very busy and time slipped away from me!!

I will be more diligent!!!!

I have got several new things going on that I want to write about in the next couple days!!!

Fall is an Awesome Time to…..



Get outdoors and get moving!!!!   I L-O-V-E Fall!!!   Sometimes during the summer months it’s just WAY too hot to get outside(at least here in the south)!!! 

Some of my favorite outdoor activities in the Fall are Hiking, Walking and Running!!  If I were a bicycling person(which I am not, due to the fact that I grew up on top of a mountain and went flying over my handlebars numerous times as I tried to ride down said mountain), I would probably like that as well!!! I have found myself going for a walk here lately and I end up running because its just so nice out!!!  

The main thing about fall-time exercise is to dress appropriately.  Fall is a time to dress in light layers and longer exercise pants.  Depending on the time of day, you may even want a hat, if its still chilly out!  As far as shoes go, if you are out walking or running your regular tennis shoes you have been wearing will be fine(I have a pair of summer tennies that are more mesh on top and are cooler), just note you may have to switch over to a hardier pair for Winter.  Now, if you are hiking you will probably want a good pair of hiking boots.  I like high top ones, but that’s because I can be somewhat of a clutz and have twisted my ankle a time or two!!! 

So, take time this Fall to get out and admire God’s handywork!!!  I think it is such a blessing to live in an area where we have all four seasons!!!  It’s a good time to remind ourselves of all the blessings He has given us.  Its also a great time to breath in fresh air and just relax!!! 


What are your plans to get outside and enjoy Fall??

My Time of Mourning….


029**WARNING** Be aware that the next few paragraphs are filled with female hormones and blubbering!!! Read at your own risk!!!




I have decided that I am in a time of mourning.  Period. 

I thought it was just a funk, or just having teenagers.  But I have decided that I am in mourning.  You know the 7 Stages of Grief. I don’t want to down play the grief that really comes when you have lost someone physically, but in some ways I feel I have lost a part of me.  I have lost the past.  

The 7 Stages of Grief are-Shock, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Testing and Acceptance. Some I think are hitting all at once and I think some with come later(I hope). 

Shock- I think I am in shock that I have a Senior in high school, a sophomore and an eighth grader who is 13 and is really good at it! 

Denial- I am in denial to an extent because I still think they are MY little boys-not some teenage girls.  I most certainly must still the most important woman in their world, right??

Anger-well that’s pretty much 99.99999% of the time-not going there in this post-suffice to say that I asked the hubs for a punching bag for our anniversary!!! 

Bargaining- I beg God everyday to restore my relationship with my boys, all the while I know much of this is normal teenage alien behavior!! 

Depression-UHHHH-Yeah-its swallowing me whole!!! 

Testing- Mom, I truly apologize for every test I put you through, because I am getting it times 3.

Acceptance-I am not even close to being there!!

My biggest pieces of grief are the things I miss.  I miss the little boys hugs(which I get big boy hugs from 2 of my 3-the third one thinks I have the plague), I miss the” I love you mommy”, I regret every time I got frustrated at them when they would scream when I was out of their sight or I left them at the church nursery.  Now, I’d give anything for them to do it again.   Now, I am the one who doesn’t want them out my sight! 

I think my heart breaks a little bit more every day!!  

I would truly  LOVE to go back in time and put a boot up my butt, for all the times I thought having a preschooler, a toddler and a baby was hard.  I’d give anything to go back and kiss and hug them more, worry less about them doing everything on time, and just enjoy every waking moment I had with them!!

But, I know that there are things that are positive coming out of this.  I know they are good boys.  I know they know  and love Jesus.  I know they have values.  I know that one day it will turn out ok.  I know, I am luckier than most that I not only stayed at home with them, but I also homeschooled them and spent some really good quality time with them….It’s just I miss it!!!

So, momma’s out there of little ones my advice is- love them a little more, kiss and hug a little more, tuck them in every night even when you’re tired-one day they won’t want you to, relax and enjoy them, and take time to just savor the time you have!

Remember, you were warned!!!

Oh My Goodness How I LOVE these boys!!!!

family2 boys Linc2 Levi school 8th Landon 10th not sure boys2 Lincftball4 Linc baby Babe baby Levi baby family3 Family

Yes, We Eat Deer!!!

Ok, I am from West Virginia.  I was raised on a hill(down here in flat NC, it would be a mountain) on 16 acres of wooded land. I am a country girl who loves to be outside and YES, I do love to be barefoot!!   I come from a hunting and fishing family(my 2 brothers and grandfather when he was alive) and I was taught to shoot a gun and bow at about 4 years old. I have gone hunting and fishing(but I just cannot stand to get a fish off my hook-I am a weenie!!).

 I have eaten deer(venison for you squeamish types) rabbit, squirrel and various types of fish. I am not as adventurous as some and will not eat possum(look too much like giant rats) or frog legs!  So, if any of you belong to PETA -sorry, there is a legit reason for hunting.  I did my senior project on it and could probably dig it out to show you!!!  But, we ate what we hunted and it never went to waste.  

Ok, done with that back ground, so you know, I know, what I am talking about!! 

 One of my favorite game recipes my mom made on cold snowy days when I was growing up was B-B-Q Venison(again for those of you that are squeamish).  It is the right blend of spicy, sour and sweet.  Best served on buns and I like coleslaw on the side.  West Virginia style slaw(sorry there is a difference!!). 

It’s easy as can be to fix.  

 I have found there are a ton of people here in NC that hunt as well so,  if you don’t hunt, they are usually willing to share(because they probably have hunted to their limit!!).

So, here is my Mom’s recipe!!!

BBQ Sauce Venison

8 LBS of Venison(I just guess-get a big hunk of meat!!)   

Sauce ingredients-  *2Bottles of Hot Catsup(they have it at Walmart!!!)   *2bottles of Reg Catsup(I guess the average size ones)     *2 chopped green peppers  *5 medium chopped onion     *3 tbsp. dry mustard 1/2c vinegar   *1 1/2c sugar  *1/2c worchestershire sauce (and I add about 1/4 -1/3c  molasses)  

Cook meat until tender(I put it in the crockpot till it falls apart),  Cool and shred(I put it the food processor-faster and you can do it while its warm) Mix the sauce ingredients and add to venison.  Put back in the crockpot for 1 1/2- 2 hours 

She also says it freezes well!!! 

WV Slaw recipe(or my version of it!)

 2 bags of slaw from the store, but you  could shred a head of cabbage. 

1 c Dukes Mayo(only NC ingredient I have to have!!) 

1/3-1/2c Sugar(to taste) 

1/4-1/2c white vinegar salt and pepper 

Combine mayo, sugar and vinegar and pour over slaw and mix!  Easy!!!

There you have it!! We Eat Deer!!!